31 Responses to “Ankle Pain right when I wake up in the morning?”

  1. ••redhead•• says:


  2. Vandrian. says:

    Ouch! Is it a simple break (fragments pins etc)? Now you have lots of time to paint. Take care.

  3. freeparking says:

    Not sure what they’ll do yet. Doc wanted to wait about a week to see how the fracture is looking before deciding on surgery or not. I hope no pins will be involved! :o

    At least no bones went through skin. :)

  4. andrea?! says:

    It looks very painful. How did the ankle breaking happen?

  5. unphotographable says:

    Oh my

  6. neshachan says:

    Owowow! Get well soon!

  7. freeparking says:

    Weirdly enough, a dog did a lunge while I was holding her by the collar, and I slipped off the porch steps. Sounds like no big deal. But then I heard that crack sound.

    I shall get better. And the crutches are making my arms stronger! haha

  8. lizzelizzel says:

    Gross, yet really neat. My husband, when we first dated, sprained his ankle and I couldn’t help but be interested in the way the blood pooled at the bottom of the foot!

  9. Jana Lu ( Loujinga ) says:

    omg you gotta take care of yourself!

  10. james jay says:

    God Lord that looks pretty gnarly….

  11. nor certitude says:

    sorry buddy, guy at work the same, he slid down a ladder and landed flat-footed, heard the crunch. Good luck with this, taske it easy, paint like crazy

  12. anyjazz65 says:

    The picture is graphic enough. The description of the sound makes me want to go lie down.

  13. celestetumulte says:

    I hope you’ll soon recover from it, and also hope it doesn’t hurt too much…That’s a terrible but spectacular photo.

  14. Brian Bowrin says:

    Best Wishes for a speedy recovery.

  15. lauralemur says:

    Oh – gross, but how awful for you! Hope you’re on the mend. Best wishes :-)

  16. otisourcat says:

    My sympathies …… Also, beautiful colors here.

  17. freeparking says:

    Thanks guys. :) It’s going well, so far not much pain, haven’t even had to take any of the vicodin they gave me. Yet.

  18. ChiaNi says:

    get well soon. hug.

  19. andres musta says:

    I share your pain

  20. geldenkirchen says:

    i broke my leg in 1989 and to this day it’s the worst pain i’ve experienced… okay i wanted to cheer you up not depress you, take care and feel better ;-)

  21. freeparking says:

    chiani – Thank you, so far so good! :)

    andres – :)

    geldenkirchen – Yeah, maybe a broken leg hurts more than an ankle, I don’t know. After I broke my ankle, I thought I just had a bad sprain was was actually walking around for a bit with a limp, lol! It’s not too bad. Here’s to hoping you never experience worse than your leg!

  22. geldenkirchen says:

    well it might have been because i was 10 at the time. always felt like my resistance to pain would have been different, had i been an adult.

  23. casmosaic says:

    Ow!!! That’s probably what everyone says when they see this. So sorry you’ve done this…you could have said it was from bungy jumping or something? ;-)
    Hope you have a happy Xmas and a fast recovery!

  24. WKL... says:

    Merry Christmas

  25. hans s says:

    wow, hope your ankle is getting better already

  26. freeparking says:

    yes, getting better, slowly but surely. In a cast for a few more weeks.

  27. lpjb0711 says:

    Just saw this and all I can say is Ow! That is one mean bruise.

  28. freeparking says:

    And to think I was hoping it was just a sprain at first. Friday this annoying cast comes off, I can’t wait!

  29. unforeseen serendipity says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called grow tall skin, fold on, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  30. Snot420 says:

    Owwww man i know how you feel.. i did this twice on the same day.. the beers did not help numb the pain… beer+bands= stupid day with both broken…

  31. mrtyhrrs2 says:


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