21 Responses to “Can a calcium deficiency cause joint pain?”

  1. nabilebraheim says:

    @landinglights you need to see a spine surgeon

  2. landinglights says:

    Thank you for your accurate description of the lower back region and pain. I have horrible lower back pain, numbness, loss of bladder control, numbness, tingling and severe weakness my left leg/ankle (often stumbling). This has been a gradual onset for the past three years. It’s getting so bad I can hardly walk any more. Can gradual onset of cauda equina be non surgical related and not be seen on x-ray or MRI? I had MRI to test for MS but that was was negative. Family Dr. saying chronic pain!

  3. nabilebraheim says:

    @Geardoodle GOOD LUCK

  4. Geardoodle says:

    I took my healthy back for granted until i herniated the l5 disc.

  5. nabilebraheim says:

    @shilpa8687 GREAT

  6. shilpa8687 says:

    m doin masters in nursing..i got ds topic for m presentation..ds helped me understand d concept very well..and helped me 2 tk d classin a much informative way!u made m learnin eazzy!thanx 4 postin ds!

  7. nabilebraheim says:

    @nkt123abc thanks

  8. nkt123abc says:

    Perfect medical advice. Better than what I get from books or doctors. Thank you

  9. nabilebraheim says:

    @MrTrunks77 great

  10. MrTrunks77 says:

    best explained video of disc problems

  11. nabilebraheim says:

    @cymanoreen thanks ,I am glad you Ilike it .

  12. cymanoreen says:

    It is amazingly informative video i found about L4-L5…L5-S1 disk herniation. I appreciate the brilliant way u used to describe it how precisely….made problem defination easy to understand …gr8 job done.

  13. nabilebraheim says:

    @Tebraheim thanks

  14. Tebraheim says:


  15. nabilebraheim says:

    @ever1ast GOOD LUCK

  16. ever1ast says:

    Mashallah akhi great video. I had my L5 S1 removed 6 weeks ago and alhamdulilah still recovering.

  17. chinafox1 says:

    very nice video!
    I ike it.

  18. nabilebraheim says:

    @mkhristov thanks

  19. mkhristov says:

    This educational video is great, thank you! I love how you make it easy to understand. You are a great educationalist

  20. nabilebraheim says:

    @NotARebel1 thanks

  21. NotARebel1 says:

    Brilliant. Lots of great information.

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