6 Responses to “Can the Depo Provera shot cause joint pain?”

  1. Q says:

    I think it might be the case. Depo-Provera affects your whole endocrine system, which can affect your immune system, and Sjogren’s is an autoimmune disease. It’s not something that would appear I think in any medical journal articles, because it’s too specific to do any research on, probably. But if I were you, I’d stay away from anything that affects your hormones. Another possible link is that those with Sjogren’s have a higher chance of getting autoimmune thyroid disease. Thyroid problems can cause your joints to hurt. Get your thyroid checked.

  2. ChiropractorWestPalm says:

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  3. 4chango says:

    @yasmineivy1: Have you tried a naturopathic approach?

  4. yasmineivy1 says:

    I have a sharp pain shoot when I move my neck. In between my shoulder blades slightly to the right. Any home remedies available? I am in much pain and would love some help!

  5. bongolicious says:

    Thanks for this post… I am 6’4 and never really did any sport except swim and ride my bike, hence I have Really tight hams, calfs, back is always throbbing… any advice on traps and scaps… my neck cracks all the time!!!

  6. omarsolis1986 says:

    I have hadj joint problems for about 10 years now ever since I started working out with weights and with all my joints they hurt and alot elbow knees shoulders, and back ive gone to docs and alot they tell me to strech out but that makes them tighter and hurt even more.

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