21 Responses to “Can throwing up cause chest pain and shoulder pain?”

  1. flipgangsta16 says:

    wow dat was crazy…i was NOT expecting it to go all the way back. but thanks tho O_o

  2. deniselindsaythomas says:

    oooh, needed this – definitely been at the computer too much!

  3. Lordovgore says:

    thx this vid helped out, for squating I could never get my arms back far enough to rest the bar on my rear delts. and this just helped out!

  4. kengaroo123 says:

    this is helpful for backhandsprings! i have really bad shoulder flexibiity and my arms bend when they get to the top which is not good

  5. KidOfRevolution says:

    did anyone else not expect her to take the broom stick all the way round? i was like O_o

  6. TurboLoveTrain says:

    Thankyouthankyouthankyou! :D

  7. monkula84 says:

    impossible.. xD

  8. emusoda says:

    Lol my flexibility is so bad I can’t even get it past my head

  9. SukieBaxterWellnes says:

    @crazyboondocker Yes, it is! And for a variety of other sports, too…baseball, weight lifting, gymnastics, etc.

  10. crazyboondocker says:

    Perfect for golfers before starting.

  11. aminoacids13 says:

    nice explaining indead! i will going to do these movements for flexibility by weightlift training (especially for the snatch and overhead squat)…i’ll hope this can help me

  12. poptards70 says:

    your fucking double jointed. that not normal

  13. danclandotdk says:

    This video is great, you’re really good at explaining and giving tips :)
    I wish more youtubers were like you :)

  14. SukieBaxterWellnes says:

    @bearclawnumber5 Great! Let me know how it works for you. You should notice results in about 10 days if you do this exercise daily, even better results after 30 days of practice.

  15. bearclawnumber5 says:

    very helpful, im a swimmer and my shoulders are very stiff due to swimmers shoulder, hopefully this will help

  16. FreakCyber says:


  17. pinkyabuse says:

    Thanks Sukie! This is exactly what I need.

  18. Adge says:

    What’d he do? Drive into a wood chipper? And what the hell’s on his feet? I’m glad they could fix his arm…shame about his hair…will it ever go back down or will he forever look like Kramer?

  19. Canadian Veggie says:

    Actually he fell off his bike.
    We were mountain biking in the Alps in Northern Italy. I was off ahead enjoying the speed of the downhill. He was by himself. Supposedly he was starting to wobble when he heard a motorcycle coming around the corner behind him. So he slammed on the breaks and went flying over the handle bars.
    The full account of the days events are here: EuroTrip2006 – Day 23: Crashing to a Halt.

  20. aramisben says:

    Being the owner of the cracked arm and the Kramer hair, you’ll be glad to know that I got a lot of flak about the hair back home. So, I got a haircut soon afterwards.
    As for the green elf shoes, they didn’t want to give me the flip flops that the other patients were wearing. Maybe it was because I was a foreigner and hadn’t paid for the hospital stay ?!?

  21. Adge says:

    Hehehe…perhaps they felt the floppy/green shoes were safer? Or matched the hairstyle?

    Glad to hear the arm, and the Kramer hair have improved.

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