4 Responses to “Does anyone experience elbow pain when sleeping on a memory foam bed?”

  1. Horse Lova says:

    yeah i thought it was just me!! my friends just say im probably sleeping on it wrong!! but i know im notbc i lay flat!!! and when i woke up this morning not only did it hurt but it was red!!

  2. HoyaDoc says:

    sounds like ulnar nerve compression. this is the nerve that runs along the inside of your elbow, commonly known as the “funny bone”. since it is so close to the skin, it can easily be irritated, causing pain/numbness in the inner forearm and pinky side of hand.

    i’m surprised it just started with the memory foam, but tehre you have it.

  3. philman35 says:

    wow!! you are so very lucky – sounds like i could have been an easy snap… Man of Steel!

  4. Gisselle says:

    YES! I definatly noticed pain in my ankle ,hip, back and got back sciatica from using memoryfoam 2″ from Big Lots was $40 but seemed ok at first but quickly caused problems. I stopped using the mattress pad and all pain has cleared up! The pad had harsh fumes and I aired it out for weeks before using it….I dont know weather it was too soft or the chemicals to make it was the problem…hope this helps!

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