16 Responses to “Does pain in the upper left arm always mean heart problems?”

  1. Biruri says:

    well it depeds if u have any medications before. and GO TO THE DOCTOR to be sure. you know the doctor isn`t really that bad…

  2. -DARK- - says:

    Yes Pain In The Left Arm Can Be Sign’s Of Heart Problem’s! You Should Go To The Doctor Just To Be On The Safe Side.

  3. Clarkie says:

    If I punched you in the upper left arm would you assume heart problems?

    Still, if you are experiencing pain in the upper arm with no clear reason why, its best to get it checked IMMEDIATELY by a professional!

  4. ~Heather~ says:

    it could be your back is out of wack, but really should get it checked out. ASAP if it continues. i lost my husband, who was very healthy/althetic at 41 from a heart attack. you can never be to careful.

  5. sandy l says:

    asking for a heart monitor test is a good idea .
    but i think it is more likely something else something the physical therapist can help you with or point you to the right doctor . i would skip the chiropractor all together .

  6. agentdenim says:

    I Am Not A Doctror ™.

    Pain like this does not ALWAYS have to be related to a heart condition, so when you ask this of yourself you not only consider other symptoms, but your risk factors. Also, does it get worse if you get up and move around, and get better again (or less worse) if you stop?
    Does a certain movement or motion of your arm, back, or body cause the pain to lessen or worsen?
    The way your muscles, bones and tendons are wired it could be a nerve pain or a referred pain from somewhere nearby in the body. Since you’re already seeing a chiropractor, I’d bring it to him first or to your family doctor.

    Do any pain medications make the pain more tolerable, or don’t they help at all? More to consider.
    Sorry, this isn’t so much answering your question as creating more questions, but hopefully it helps a bit….

    Also, if you arfe indeed female, consider that the symptoms of heart trouble are usually completely not in line with the “currently-established tenets of medern medical practice” — that is, chest pain radiating to left arm of left jaw; sweating, shortness of breath, etc. In women, sometimes all you get is a little pain in an arm, sometimes even the RIGHT arm.

    Not to alarm you, but your risk factors should weigh heavily in your decision to seek medical advice (which, as a nurse, I hope you will regardless of having asked this question here). Take care….

  7. elmo says:

    just see a doctor

  8. Lance says:

    I have had that pain and I will only go to chiropractors, thing is, Ive got a really good one (brother-in-law). It’s definitely spine related because he adjusts me and the pain is gone. I assume you have told your current chiropractor of this pain. If he continues to be ineffective, try another chiropractor!

  9. DANIEL S says:

    No, it does not mean a definitive heart problem. Considering you don’t speak of any other symptoms associated with heart issues, you’re probably safe in that matter. But you should mention it to your healthcare professional even if you just speak to the P.T. It could be something as simple as stress. Good luck and I hope you feel better!

  10. judithlynn0337@sbcglobal.net says:

    Other than a heart problem you might have a pain in your neck or shoulder which is radiating down to your arm. Are you tense or anxious for some reason? Tightening muscles might be the culprit. Are you experiencing chest pain? If so you should get yourself to the ER stat. Lets hope that its nothing serious.

  11. Reva P says:

    Get to an ER, now.

    It’s not necessarily cardiac in origin, but it’s not worth taking those chances.

  12. miss col says:

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  13. brenda. says:

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