17 Responses to “How can I get my family doctor to prescribe vicodin to me for my knee pain?”

  1. Val J says:

    I agree, forget the Vicodin. Narcotic pain relievers are good if dealing with a short term problem, or end of life issues. Arnica is very good as an anti-inflammatory agent. Moist heat, not just a heating pad, is also good. Also, age has very little to do with joint replacements. If your knee needs to be replaced, it can be/should be done. If your doctor is telling you that you are too young, get another doctor.
    Good luck.

  2. doc_holliday1863 says:

    I have a back problem and Vicodin is about the only thing that will give me any pain releif. My Doctor is hesident on percribeing it maybe because no one but you has to bear the pain and not them so it’s hard for them to understand just how bad the pain feels.
    The next time you feel so bad that you can hardly stand the pain just go to the ER and tell them you want some releif from your unbearable pain…they will takecare of you and allso mention that your family Doctor wont percribe anything for you that deals with the kind of pain that you have.
    Once the Doctor hears that you’ve been going to the ER for pain releif he will glady percribe some Vicodin for you because he simply is not doing his job!

  3. moongyrl9999 says:

    with debilitating arthritis like that (i’m getting there myself), you should be seeing a pain management doc. if your doc isn’t helping you, see another that can set you up with this. they forget that YOU are their employer when they get on their high horses. i just changed docs because of that and as my pain progresses, i know my new doc will help me. also, constant pain can lead to depression, which you don’t need with a busy life (not fun to try to balance everything on top of being depressed, trust me). good luck.

  4. BlogRider says:

    It is no up to you to be telling a health professional what he will be prescribing for you. Vicodin is not for long term management of pain, Your Orthopaedic Surgeon will have to look to treating the cause of your pain. I have no idea where you got the idea that a partial or total knee can’t be done at your age… it may however require a revision at a later time in life if done earlier than, say, 55-60 years of age.

    Opiates lose their efficacy over time in any case and inhibit the production of dopamine….when you come off the drug you will suffer some measure of withdrawal symptoms. I strongly advise against the use of opiates for the management of long term pain.

    Hydrocodone is not the answer for you….find a top flight surgeon with a plan and work with him. Also , you may want to look into attending a pain clinic. They will help you with with strategies to deal with your long term pain.

    Good luck with it all…Cheers

  5. 596082 says:

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  6. 596082 says:

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  7. 596082 says:

    @ericthesoldier sorry Eric, my assistant is having trouble cutting it down to 10 minutes. My apologies for the delay.

  8. 596082 says:

    @ericthesoldier my assistant has to edit the video down to 10 minutes. It may take a few days. Please check back in a week for my new video on knee pain we made for you. Note that this is a live training we videotaped with a real volunteer who was in pain.

  9. 596082 says:

    I have a Team training coming up and I have a distributor who just had knee surgery not too long again. Maybe we can film it then! Best, Dr. Karen

  10. ericthesoldier says:

    Thanks.Can you do a video of you standing up with more kneecap movements such as the tighting thighs & bending

  11. ericthesoldier says:

    excellent.Can you please do one while standing up? and do some moves with the demonstration of your knees? like bending them and moving the knee caps? thanks.

  12. 596082 says:

    Eric, what would be helpful to you. I can put a new video up for you. Dr. Karen

  13. monkeysac says:

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  14. andreaweckerle says:

    There were too many "oopsies" back in the days before the limbs were marked.

    Hope you feel better soon — get those dancing feet ready for next month!

  15. kristiewells says:

    Thanks Andrea – and no worries – I will be ready to dance on the NYC tabletops shortly so don’t YOU forget to bring your dancing shoes!

  16. andreaweckerle says:

    You got it, Kristie! We’ll have a great time and maybe the guys will want to join us too. :-)

  17. Bob says:

    I am surprised that people sat Vicodin is for short term use. Since arthroscopic knee surgery (2005) I have had nothing but chronic pain. I was told the surgeon hit a nerve. The nerve is always firing causing pain. I am now 57 years old. I used to run everyday. I have been in medical sales for over 30 years. I am very familiar with misuse of drugs, but I cannot find anything else to relieve the pain. Creams, lotions, massages, exercises, shots, therapy and more have done nothing. When I told my doctor I am ready for amputation or suicide he agreed too Vicodin prescriptions. I have never gotten a high from Vicodin, which I hear others to get. The only other thing that helps is walking. But once I stop, the pain kicks in again. When I sleep, my leg is always kicking to mimic walking. This week, I started sleep walking. I woke up when I ran into a table. Chronic pain is no joke.

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