17 Responses to “How can I get rid of neck and upper back pain?”

  1. John L says:

    Run, do not sleep, it always makes it worse.

  2. steadfast says:

    posture and proper shoes.

  3. GFISH says:

    It’s not normal to have neck pain at your age. I would have your parents take you to the chiropractor. Also you should try this pillow, it will help: http://www.arc4life.com/site/615058/product/LinearGravityPillow

  4. xfinestpredatorx says:

    @stfuih8ulol depends on what your injury is i injured my back surfing and have 2 compreesed disk and a deformed vertebra and that was when i was 14 now im 18 and its worse then ever, it really sucks.

  5. healthnut4life48 says:

    I have fought back pain for the majority of my life, spending thousands of dollars on physical therapy, chiropractors, and pain medicines.

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  6. stfuih8ulol says:


  7. Jorge817S says:

    my back pain is so bad it gives e headaches

  8. montfort91 says:

    lol, look how all this comment section deals with persons in pain and looking for help to eliminate the pain quicker haha,, anyways, ive got a contussion on my back or neck, dont know for sure but im in pain too hahaa

  9. xshadw says:

    love your russian accents by the way

  10. xshadw says:

    go to doctor kid.

  11. sanctumovdarkness says:

    Does anybody know how to fix a shifted neck? Mine is tilted forward and im only 14 years old D:

  12. gussinajninen says:

    I don’t really have any pain tho, it only cracks.
    Same goes to my fingers by the way, they also crack.

  13. gussinajninen says:

    Hi Boris, my neck creaks almost all the time, I do train alot, but I always warm up first.
    Do you think it’s serious or something? / any tip what I can do?
    It usually makes quite a loud sound, at least to me.

  14. compcamp76 says:

    i will try again none of my comments are going on.all of this means nothing if sask wcb interferes with a diagnosis without that any self treatment can cause serious damage compcamp 76

  15. fitimshaqiri says:

    ok thanks

  16. TouchTheWind17 says:

    its probably from bad form. were you arching your lower back while benching? was your butt on the bench or were you liftin git up of the bench? If it dosent get better by itself for 1 or 2 weeks, you should go see a doctor.

  17. fitimshaqiri says:

    hello i am 26 and i have injuries my lover back from Bench Press i have pain help me

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