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  1. [.peOpleRsTrangE.] says:

    wear thick socks, good shoes, & try a knee brace. also there is some stuff that is supposed to be good for knees & it’s called oste bi flex i think. you can get it a drug store. i’ve heard it’s really good for the joints or muscles in the knee.

  2. loldudeno says:

    @IRELANDISMYCOUNTRY thats the thing though im pretty light in weight, i don’t really go by stone but im 150 lbs so i really shouldn’t be having problems like this, but if anyone knows whats wrong with IRELAND and i, please leave a helpful comment


    @loldudeno man im 20 and training for the army and have the same area in pain. just under knee cap/top of shin. im a fairly heavy set fella about 12 1/2 stone 13 stone, id say ur probably the same maybe heavier. i think my pain is due to me being fairly heavy and must have torn something down there or the joint just isn’t able for the weight strain.

  4. loldudeno says:

    im 20 and i have knee pain, i have been trying to get ready for bootcamp but everytime i start to exercise i end up hurting myself. Right now it’s my knee’s i was using a forward exercise bike and ever since then my knees have been hurting (i did 45 min’s at highest setting) since then it has been 2 weeks and there has been little to no progression in the knees, pain is located in the knee caps and top of shin,i do not believe this to be shin splints. does anyone know why im having this problem?

  5. luv2ridetrails says:

    This video is very informative. My pain is on the inner side of my left knee. Which exercises would be best for the inner ligament?

  6. luv2ridetrails says:

    This is a very informative video. My pain is in the inner part of my left knee. What specific exercises should I do to stretch or strengthen the inner ligament?

  7. tyeezee says:

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  8. sithalalanthi says:

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  9. CozeyQ says:

    I am a dancer, I dance about 8 times a week. Maybe more. For the past year, whenever I do alot of dancing, my knee hurts really badly. I get a lot of swelling, and sometimes it just collapses. Any idea of what I can do? I’m not willing to give up my dancing. I usually just ice it, drink lots of water.. Or take a bath. What can I do?

  10. seansaccount101 says:

    i know this sounds weird but my knee doesn’t hurt when i put pressure on it but when i’m walking it actually hurts on the “return”…does that make sense? the pain is on the inside of my knee (left side of my right knee) i’m totally perplexed…maybe you have an idea?

  11. unknownmovement says:

    osgood schalatter 3 times here…. too much impact on my knees and tryed to strenghten all the muscles for a time and then started again but didn’t even work guess i’ll just sit behind comp all day -.-

  12. joehillion says:

    i dont care about these names and terms, tell me how to fix it

  13. budfr says:

    That girls looks too young to be a doctor. She´s cute though.

  14. elainertdeco says:

    My knee cracks & grind, even I’am seating down & lift my leg I can feel the grinding, specially going up the stairs is more pain. When I bang my knee on the cabinet my knee cap hurts for a while. I use to jog, now just ecleptical cardio, I tried to take it easy.

  15. polyopulis says:

    @Balkance under and around the patella, general runner’s knee I think but i didn’t get it from running, I got it from sitting cross legged too much or generally keeping the joint in flexion. However, stopping just prevented further injury, rather than fix the problem.
    would it be possible to tell what muscle/s are causing the problem by measuring how flexible or strong they are in comparison to other muscles?

  16. Balkance says:

    @polyopulis well where does it hurt you? depends

  17. SoundsOnFire says:

    Search for cjw1QvAzaSM in youtube.
    It’s a video showing an alternate method of healing a painful injured knee.
    Speedy recovery to those who wish =)

  18. polyopulis says:

    How do you know what muscle/s are causing the problem?

  19. VDENORM says:

    good question, i would like an answear that makes sense, not like my doc says: aslong it doesnt hurt, its ok…but my knees crack so loud that ppl hearing that get scared…no joke here:(

    Thank you for these informations

  20. awsupernova says:

    what does it mean if my knee cracks all the time?

  21. MrKlowe19 says:

    breaking down scar tissue with your hands? don’t think thats right, more like breaking down adhesions. Scar tissue is collagen based and hard, if not impossible to breakdown with any form of hands on manual therapy.

  22. testiclecrusher2 says:

    good video

  23. skatethrasher92 says:

    i am a serious skateboarder and tennis player. in feb. 09′, my right knee started having pain under the knee cap and back of the knee after a snowboarding trip. then started cracking when i applied pressure on it and popping above the knee.. ive seen a doctor. a specialist, and a chiropractor. but none of the exercises they’ve given me have worked, it just gets worse. i’m scared that i’ll never be able to skate again. the chiropractor said i probly have a meniscus problem. what should i do?

  24. englishtoarab says:

    @projwal thank you and good luck to you too. dont try to run if it hurts because thats what my doctor told me since i have the same problem as yours and u might wanna take a rest and u will be all fine. for me, i will not make a surgery, i will wait until it the knee heals by it self

  25. projwal says:

    @englishtoarab thats good to hear. No I didn’t hear a pop, but continued running even when it was hurting. I hope it heals soon. Good luck to you.

  26. TQT500 says:

    I believe that it is called meniscus not articular cartilage.

  27. bigfurrygent says:

    With furry goodness, Best of luck and a super speedy recovery.

  28. sharkboyto says:

    YEH… Cabbagetown will have its very own Terminator… from the thighs down anyway
    Good luck tomorrow… let us know if you need anything

  29. AntBee72 says:

    I wish you well and a speedy recovery! Keep us posted throughout the Summer, please.

  30. Vic Acid says:

    wishing you all the best tomorrow, and for a good recovery. for some reason i have the sound of the tin man’s legs moving in my head now when i think of you ;)

  31. Yieldsigns76 says:

    I’m sure they’ll be just as hot, w/ metal knees. Maybe more so.

  32. mediocre says:

    All the best with your roboknees!

    I’m sure you’ll be back on them in no time to allow you to be up to your usual antics. Whatever they may be.

  33. tobear36 says:

    Best of luck…We’re a phonecall away!

  34. bark says:

    oh just catching up. Hope the surgery went well and you’re back to your angry self sooner than later. Bionics are hot.

  35. ilurch says:

    All the best, keep my fingers crossed for a very quickly recovery!

  36. Jay the Expat says:

    I hope you are doing okay!

  37. postbear says:

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/23189921@N04] [http://www.flickr.com/photos/sharkboyto] [http://www.flickr.com/photos/antbee] [http://www.flickr.com/photos/vic_acid] [http://www.flickr.com/photos/jjacksabbath] [http://www.flickr.com/photos/mediocre] [http://www.flickr.com/photos/tobear36] [http://www.flickr.com/photos/barkbud] [http://www.flickr.com/photos/36185381@N02] [http://www.flickr.com/photos/jayincanada]

    thanks, all. it’s been an adventure (again).

    while at first it seemed this recovery was going better than did the last one, that proved to be less true as time went on. in some ways progress was improved, but there have been troubles with nerve and ligament damage that revealed themselves slowly. this is, of course, minor grousing when considering the options (having to relearn how to walk and dealing with moderate pain versus not being able to walk at all and being in an absurd amount of pain) and i am glad to have had the surgery done and the aftermath occurring in summer. the coming weeks will inform me more about the level of physical activity i can expect to be able to attain.

    metal knees are no goddamned fun at all, though that’s not likely something that you had to learn here. onward.

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