32 Responses to “How do I fix my stiff neck and right arm pain?”

  1. iansquirrel says:

    @shots2345 I do both. I start off with the (RL) l – r – l – (RL) until my left hand gets tired then i go to (RL) r – r – r (RL) until my right hand gets tired, even though it’s hard to switch without missing

  2. iansquirrel says:

    How come I don’t see this in my rb2 music store?

  3. splardybutt23 says:

    What’s the intro song?

  4. PohatuJr says:

    10 minute long song are fine IF THERE IS MORE THAN ONE FUCKING RIFF!!!!

  5. dragon61rider says:

    @gangsterthomas1000 ya a lot faster i can do the normal version easily this is alot harder

  6. theskill123456 says:

    this is sooo hard on rb1 stock doing r-r-r-r-RL sticking

  7. gangsterthomas1000 says:

    it’s faster then the studio version isn’t it?

  8. ghfellan94 says:

    It’s fun how he just press the basspedal and the drummer in the game is like murdalizing the cymbals xD

  9. tel8675309RB says:

    Do you play real drums? this song would be extremely hard if you don;t have the right technique…

  10. finalizer0 says:

    I like the part where it went YO – Y – RY – Y

  11. Ggevorkyan says:

    lol at your drummer character at 8:43 and 8:47 , your like doing nothing, and he’s raping the cymbals.

  12. cleidol895 says:

    the resistance of your arms are incredible xD!

  13. jclmedb27 says:

    how did you do this?
    i’m really good on expert drums usually and this stupid song that has nothing special about it, i can only get like 350k. which is still 5 stars but i miss so many notes because there’s sooooo much hi-hat. you must have arms made of iron or something.
    i hate playing this song.
    i only played it through once on expert drums and i don’t think i’m ever gonna do it again.
    oh, and by the way. nice job.

  14. FeehDeedo says:

    After all that shit, I can’t do half of what you did in the BRE. I’m already dead x.x

  15. KingImpossibl3 says:

    hahahahahahahaah @ 5:30

  16. lv999iam says:

    I thought that doing (RL) r – r – r – r (RL) for 10 minutes straight would make your right arm explode, but I guess i’m wrong.

  17. Stef04343 says:

    Mystakin – Died of pure exaustion. Lulz. XD

    That score in guitar hero standards would be higher than all the others. Plus it has many more notes than Through the Fire and Flames, so I can only assume it is harder. Good god, man. Don’t strain yourself. Nice FC, though.

  18. Horrorfan309 says:

    I feel sorry for the highhat in real life. n_n’

  19. FeehDeedo says:

    The thing I hate about this track pack is that, almost EVERY SINGLE SONG need to have those ends and a breakdown in the middle of it .-. That shit freaks me out

  20. SubscriberCommunity says:

    my best for the ending bonus is + 50,000

  21. AtheneWon360 says:

    @shots2345 FUCK. THAT.

  22. suckinspongebobs says:

    choking that bre would BLOW

  23. Horrorfan309 says:

    Lol…”Let there be repetitive drums…there was repetitive drums”
    haha. Great job…
    Yet, why does watching this hurt my right arm……n_n

  24. Horrorfan309 says:

    Arms of steel? I remember when I used to have trouble fc’ing rambling man or blinded by fear because my arm always gave out. -____-

  25. hellfighter199 says:

    ive played it only 2 times on expert. first time i failed 2nd time i got headache after 3 and crampes after 7 minutes and failed after 9 -.- god bless your stamina

  26. an EyE for perspective says:

    She really does look very happy here! What a nice picture of a not so nice situation. Hospitals are no fun to be in!

  27. AmyLouPics says:

    Hi Jan…thanks for sending me photo on my phone…cool

  28. craigwortman says:

    What a great smile. Glad things are finally moving along.

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  29. tsallam says:

    She looks positively joyous! What a beautiful woman : )

  30. revger says:

    Hi Jan–looking good! Thanks for loaning your husband for an hour or so to meet us!

  31. Autism Mom says:

    Jan has such a great smile:-)

  32. live w mcs says:

    "OMG" I am so so so Happy for her!!!!!!
    Best wishes in recovery : )
    Her smile says a thousand words……..

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