2 Responses to “Is there such a thing as traveling joint pain?”

  1. yackycritter says:

    Why don’t you see a rheumatologist?

    Could be fibromyalgia. Could be the stress in your life. Many times when we have stress in our lives our bodies manifest aches and pains so that we don’t have to mentally deal with the other issues in our lives.

    Best thing is doing stretching exercises instead of rigorous ones when you are in pain. Try a professional massage too.
    Hot tub soak?

    Being tired all the time could be from the fact that you are in pain all the time too. That can be exhausting. B vitamins help with fatigue. Good luck!

  2. barleyandhopsandgrass says:

    Sounds as if you may have injured some of the joints in your back , take some anti inflammatories ( eg paracetamol ) and go see a doctor

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