3 Responses to “Possible causes of throbbing shoulder pain?”

  1. LumosInc says:

    @grage072 These video’s are specifically developed for non-professionals therefore we use an anatomical approach in the technique’s by taping the symptoms rather than addressing root cause. We refer people to a local healthcare professional for a full diagnosis which may include clinical taping technique’s as part of treatment.

  2. grage072 says:

    are u aiming to inhibit or activate the bicep…if this is being used for what I can only imagine is LHB tendinopathy would we not want to tape from insertion to origin i.e. distal to prox in order to inhibit?….love your taping techniques, and will use them – just want to get the theory behind it…

  3. Dolcecinnamon says:

    would you recommend this type strapping for tennis? do they come off easily?

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