15 Responses to “Should I stop working out with slight pain in my left shoulder?”

  1. cutedingo says:

    Thank you Ester, you have sun tan :D

    I follow one of the videos about similar post , my arms used to have no strength and now i can do a sliding cobra from child pose, Thank you ! I have your video so much.

  2. maquis69 says:

    I have to write here again! I thougt that I had no muscles in my arms, so I didn’t do the sun salutation and plank pose… Since I saw your video, I make 3 sun salutation daily, without any pain and quiet easily! I’m so happy! :D Thank you so much Esther :o)

  3. ununleg says:

    Thank you so much for the alignment tips, when I practice against a mirror, I can see my body is not in one straight line when doing the plank pose, my shoulder was slumping forward. This video explains how to do it the right way!

  4. Neequu78 says:

    I’ve been doing Yoga and on off for year, but recently wanted to start up really practicing again. I bought your DVD’s, and they are awesome! I did the beginner, and really broke a sweat. I fell asleep on my mat during the relaxation too! Ha! I highly recommend them!

  5. happyboymg says:

    thanks Esther, you videos are very useful

  6. aishanada says:

    This girl’s yoga form is amazing! I love this yoga for helping with shoulder issues.

  7. GoldenFinchFellow says:

    Thanks much much Esther :)

  8. AllezHoop says:

    Thanks for this video, Esther! I’ve been working on Chaturanga, but didn’t feel like I was doing it right. This is just what I needed! :-)

  9. workwithnature says:

    Thanks for da tip :)

  10. mimzywhimzy says:

    Working on this right now. Really really helps to do standard army-style pushups to build strength for this – even modified versions from your knees or on an incline. I could never even DREAM of holding this pose 3 months ago, but now that I’ve been doing pushups every chance I get, I can actually hold chaturanga for a few breaths!!! Definitely important to watch those shoulders. Thank you!

  11. 11falloutgirl11 says:

    Thank you so much, great tutorial!!! :)

  12. iamjennbee says:

    Esther, thank you for this tutorial. I injured my shoulder last year and it took 3 months to heal. Chaturanga has always been a challenge for me, but even more so with the injury. I appreciate your sharing this technique!

  13. ashkinstherobot says:

    so your posture should be like that of a push up?

  14. maquis69 says:

    Exactly what I need! :o) Thank you!!!!

  15. mpgalindo says:

    Thanks so much, Esther, for this great video!!! Too often, my shoulders ache after a vigorous routine and now I know why. Besides, it is good to know that sometimes even a teacher of your experience feels like using the knees for support in staff pose.

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