7 Responses to “What can be the cause of my constant shoulder pain and what can I do about it?”

  1. datzfast says:

    ever wonder how come were not healing like we used to? it could be somthing we are all told to use. Google aspirin delayed healing.

  2. stangriff says:

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  3. lrmodranoel says:

    Could you asign a number for these videos. I find them very interesting and helpful.

  4. kandycandy1 says:

    Suffering from shoulder impingement, very uncomfortable, just had cortisone shot in both shoulders, right shoulder still stiff, I will try this technique, thanks for sharing, I’ll let you know if I feel the release, I spend 8 hours at the computer so you are so right shoulders roll forward.

  5. sunnyrosa says:

    This is great help. Thank you!

  6. ItsFazsha says:

    If the foam roll is too hard, go to a walgreens in the summer and pick up the pool noodles the kids use when they swim. Cut them up and tie them together and roll on that. The foam is softer.

  7. timmylongdong says:

    This roll is painful to me. I hear it is less painful for women, but I don’t understand why it would be since men have bigger lats than females generally. Now since you don’t roll below the lats, would this exercise be beneficial to anyone not really having any lat muscles? My best guess would be to use the tennis ball exercise. Thanks.

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