25 Responses to “What can cause shoulder pain when you breathe?”

  1. fireman4566 says:

    I am a baseball pitcher and as the year goes by I will get a pain in my elbow and bicep. The pain In the elbow can be extreme sometimes please help.

  2. 2cutthroatterrorist says:

    This injury is very painful. Great vid.

  3. youngwarriorpopocaca says:

    I was bench pressing and when i had the weight in the up position it leaned backwards and my friend took it off i heard like a stretching noise.. it hurts and this video helps alot thank you!

  4. jamie3426 says:

    i cannot lift my arm over my shoulder and my range of motion is very limited. There is pain up and down my arm. my fingers get numb and there is a burning feeling in my shoulders. I am 63 years old and it’s really becoming a problem. I’ most of the time I have to turn my whole body, to move my arm to the front of me. I dread surgery, but it seems like that is the only solution, my email istor233@yahoo.com. Please advise

  5. fumanchukk says:

    thank you i just recently injured my shoulder and didn’t know exactly where the pain was coming from but with these exercises i was able to locate the pain and work it out to reduce the pain now it doesn’t hurt as much its getting better

  6. nteslik says:

    Hey Kristen-

    Good job on the advice! Thanks for the help and keep up the good work.


  7. aofnyc says:

    What’s the treatment for shoulder bursitis?

  8. tankgirl243 says:

    thanks for posting this I went to physio over a year ago for the same problem and now its back, I was trying to remember some of the exercises. thanks for the reminder. now I just have to remember to do them. :)

  9. jessiep02 says:

    i want to know about this too. that happens to me all the time.

  10. weiwei6969 says:

    is it normal to pop your shoulder when you turn it?

  11. artshinn says:

    Great explanation and process. Thanks

  12. captnstck says:

    hoping this protcol will work for the inflamation i have within my delts, infraspinatus, teres muscles,biceps,however don;t notice much pain in the supraspinatus,thanx,for the cue, like your simplicity

  13. noyoublow says:

    HEY PLEASE HELP ME! My injury is similar to this. When I raise my arm to the side I hear a little click. When I overdo it or over use the shoulder there is noticeable pain. What the heck is going on here? How long should I rest it?

  14. gortie says:

    Thank you! I have a similar (angles as described) pain that came from doing far too many pushups for my ability–I’m going to incorporate these during my recovery. Thanks!

  15. FitToDance1 says:

    Very nice video. Good explanations, useful info. Thank you for making it. I like getting info from a PT.

  16. ProPTRehab says:

    What is your opinion of using resistive tubing in weight bearing (standing) with good mechanics? I understand about pain free, however, there are times the patient needs to move into pain to some degree, not enough pain to cause inflammation and guarding, but enough to encourage elasticity in the end-ranges of motion.

  17. ozzmanknot says:

    how many times a day should the exercises be done. and should you be doing both at the same time? one right after another and about how many day to recover, any ways of knowing without damaging it again without going to a Dr

  18. usespanner1 says:


  19. shooooota says:

    divide by 2,2 = ca 0,9 -> around 2,1kg

  20. YoungTitan32 says:

    All my exercises went great, but I did have a little problem with the last exercise. I believe i strained my supraspinatus muscle. There is barely any pain at all when i lift my arm out to the side, but with the weight there is a little pain. Should I stop the exercises? And does this sound like a strain?

  21. usespanner1 says:

    2-5 pounds is how much kilogrammes?

  22. wanona1938 says:

    great advice, thanx so much. Your advice is the most thorough that I have come across including a Dr.’s advice.

  23. ribcat says:

    U r smart, beautiful, and thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. cdm1701 says:

    This young woman has been more helpful that all my PT combined, wonderful job, thank you so very much! Also she is far more friendly and up to date than my Dr was!

  25. gagrenna says:

    Y must do this exercise after pain goes??or u do them to heal the shoulder???plz tell me

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