25 Responses to “What causes you to wake up with hip pain?”

  1. lisareidmitchell says:

    cant hear U my volume is all the way up !!

  2. onewapani says:

    Two problems. One, i cant hear it and two, there is no way in hell that I can bend my knees like that. If I’m having a really bad arthrities day, especially in my knees, I wouldn’t even be able to get up off the floor! lol

  3. hollystallings says:


    I had that same problem of not hearing it. So I clicked the captions on/off button in the lower right–its CC w/red background.

  4. EDGAR15ish says:

    @Afsoon2009 i went to the doctor also she just gave me some pills for inflammation.
    can it be stopped or controlled i think i just have a couple of months doing this idk if its 2 late

  5. Afsoon2009 says:

    @EDGAR15ish I went to the doctor. for me knees hurt like hell and sometimes my wrists but not as bad as my knees.my knees also make lot of noise when I move them. for me it happened due to some heavy excercise and it progressed during time :((

  6. worichard says:

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  7. worichard says:

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  8. g3n1u5cody says:

    i bet she likes to be BELTed.

  9. bemtikru says:

    @jouk45 first i thought it was some shit from harry potter but no… its just a metal dildo

  10. lewisf18 says:


    If you have arthritis in your knee, I think that prone knee flexion exercise works only if it’s done for 5 secs rather than 15 secs with that belt.

  11. jouk45 says:

    i bought the iyashi wand from iyashiwand.co.uk for my wife who has Rheumatoid Arthritis, i hope this helps anyone who suffers from this condition

  12. EDGAR15ish says:

    @Afsoon2009 hey i have a question how did you found out you had arthritis?

    does all joints hurt or just some my left wrist joint hurts including the muscle attaching the elbow and wrist sometimes my knees hurt but maybe its due to at my job most of the time im moving my legs alot.
    also my finger joints pop alot when i do a fist i already have an appoinment for the begining of march but i really wish to know if these are the symptoms to an arthritis problem as i know it could happen to anyone

  13. pilicama says:

    It didn´t work for me. My Dr. said it is wrong because this type of exercise depends on how serious is the arthritis, it is not good for every patient. It is better that the joint rotates. Also, nutrition facts are important ARTHRITIS PATIENTS: do not eat wheat and dairy, this will produce less pain. I don´t take glucosamine anymore because I modified my diet

  14. shengxian97 says:

    Maybe that’s why the channel/video producer put annotations or interactive transcript below because he/she understands that the audio is not that great. Well, you may read these transcript while watching the video. It won’t be that difficult. It’s what we call MULTITASKING :)

  15. Afsoon2009 says:

    Is she crazy? I will die if I do this exercise

  16. carynpt1234 says:

    has anyone tried Penetran+Plus to help relieve Arthritis pain?

  17. maddenptofficial says:

    One of the most informative videos on pain management. This will surely help people to deal with knee pains.

  18. frmeital says:

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  19. Sparky6string says:

    @SongofEve Sometimes knees feel like they will blow apart but if that’s so then take it easy until swelling decreases enough to be comfortable. The muscles need to be stretched! Feels so much better- but some days you can’t just stretch all day. Nice video. =)

  20. bruceleeyourface says:

    Great Video! Amazing Audio Quality! Almost TOO loud. WTF!?

  21. stangriff says:

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  22. mykneepainhelp says:

    Nice demo and video but it is best if you increase the volume a bit so that your audience can hear.

  23. kitoto8 says:

    Miss, your video is excellent but the volume is very low. Maybe use extra powerful mics next time you record such useful info.

  24. kitoto8 says:

    Miss, your video is excellent but the volume is very low. Maybe use extra powerful mics next you record such useful info.

  25. katproductionsinc says:

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