17 Responses to “What could this pain in my ankle be?”

  1. kaka1715 says:

    I think i spain my anke in soccer like right in the middle of my bone i kept on playing and i just recently stoped playing for about 4 days and still swollen why is that?

  2. kbkalifornia says:

    I broke my collar bone on Nov 15. I’ve been out of a sling for about a week, but my back (a little lower than my right shoulder blade) is hurting. What could be causing this?

  3. pinoyheat says:

    I suffered a grade 2 ankle sprain almost 3 months ago. Underwent 2 X-Rays and 1 MRI. It showed no torn ligaments or fracture. My problem is until now there is still very minimal swelling, and still numb on a certain area, and minor pain. What could be the best solution for my foot to be back to normal fast?

  4. Dnh3one says:

    I am massaging that area right now and its really tender there even though the main source of pain is in the syndesmosis ligaments where the high ankle sprain takes place

  5. piedrada says:

    I sprained my ankle a few years ago and I swore it was broken or fractured because of the pain and massive swelling. It turned out to be a bad high degree sprain. It does take a long time to heal though before you can return to normal activity.

  6. Phenom217 says:

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  7. motorcrossman17 says:

    ok i did a back flip off a swing and i landed kinda facing down and i bent my foot all the way up i think i sprained it and cant walk ouchhh

  8. okeedokee145 says:

    ok i dont know if i sprained my ankle its been about two weeks and a backpack dropped on my foot its on and off pain and its in between my pinky toe and not quite at the ankle what should i do?

  9. lightsabre5511 says:

    i sprained my ankle 2 days ago, (on the same foot i once broke my 5th metatarsal), and this sprain hurts wayy more than when i broke it. the doctor sees no fracture on the x-ray(and i’m wondering whether he missed something) but this thing feels like its gonna take more than a few weeks to heal.

  10. concealedcheckmate says:

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  11. christianc1562004 says:

    Hello, I injured my foot playing soccer, I feel pain in the middle top of my foot when I kick the ball, I am able to walk, sprint and jump on it with no pain at all but when I kick the ball I feel a sharp pain on that area, do you think this could be a ligament injury or even a fracture?? Thanks!

  12. MHMLonewolf3994 says:

    Hey, I broke my ankle and i had a sprain around my mid foot region and i got a cast for 2 months , i got the cast off but every time i put weight on it and bend it the mid foot region and the bottom of that region i feel pain…though my doc. says im healed.. is it from muscle difficency ??

  13. injuryrehabadvice says:

    It may hurt a bit, but no more. You can begin the range of motion exercises as soon as you are able to tolerate it. You should not work through too much pain though. As you continue with the exercises the pain should decrease and not increase. Hope that answers your question. Be well.

  14. coolshadow93 says:

    umm hey.. just wanted to ask when is the best time to start rehab? and is it suppose to hurt abit when u do the rehabs? plz help i got a competition coming up :(

  15. injuryrehabadvice says:

    Pain up closer to the knee. Usually a dull diffuse pain is the clasic sign that seems to “linger’. It often comes in conjunction with a low ankle sprain, but as the pain in the foot/ankle begins to improve there is a lingering-type pain up at the knee as well. Hope that answers your question. Be well.

  16. ethanamit says:

    wht r the symtoms of high ankle sprain

  17. jabajit says:

    Do u know how to do the ankle brace for football? Because the ankle brace in football protects ur ankle and I just want to know if u can make a video on doing that ankle brace thanks.

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