25 Responses to “What does Ankle pain when pointing my foot mean?”

  1. thescourge21 says:

    thank you very much this video will help me a lot thanks :)

  2. missDiamondgirl55 says:

    tried to jump a hurdle in track ….. it hurts so bad

  3. cheerismylife421 says:

    bitch it hurt to do the abc’s.

  4. rcthil says:

    Thank you injuryrehabadvice for making this video to help us. I really appreciate it!

  5. dredubdd says:

    Thank you so much for spreading your healing knowledge I truly appreciate what you do and I hope you feel good about yourself!

  6. a7madk95 says:

    7 people really didn’t like her feet

  7. Translator1983 says:

    I want to kiss her feet!

  8. Kaisertoji says:


  9. LordLivingston says:

    @bobfisc Anytime you have swelling anywhere, Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation is what you want. Swelling is internal surface bleeding, so you want to limit the blood flow to that area, until it’s healed.

  10. bobfisc says:

    i sprained my ankle 4 weeks ago …and it still is pretty swollen….should i still put ice on it ?

  11. orgus83 says:

    luv these feet!

  12. scotth602 says:

    The problem is that my ankle doesn’t hurt all the time and will hurt worse after I walk, ride bike, etc.

  13. jk235513 says:

    Thank you very much !.

  14. OrisLover says:

    Boy, everyone’s a critic.

  15. turkselim says:

    Woow I like her feet

  16. 95037calvint says:

    My ankle has been sprained for 3 weeks now & I’m walkin fine on it now & the swelling has gone down but when I try to run I limp & have pain in my inner ankle

  17. ajbalagtas says:

    what if i cant feel the stretch? i feel the stretch in my calfs on my other foot when i do the foot stretch, but the one i sprained cant feel it in my calfs

  18. FRANKMANNACO700 says:


  19. yogurt705 says:

    I’ve messed up my ankle 1 and a half years aho,, but i kept running on it, A LOT.
    Now im still in pain.
    Sigh, don’t know what to do.

  20. theman1819 says:

    @TumiBigC it can take years for your ankle to get 100%

  21. blazianballa17 says:

    Does anyone know how long i should let my ankle heal for..my sprain has this new added step under the basket..and i fell on it after going back for a tip back..and it sprained really badly..it looked like i had a tennis ball in my ankle…that was on july 4th..and i really wanna play basketball again…not playing is killing me…when should i start rehabing it?

  22. TumiBigC says:

    wow.. dude.. now i know you are not being serious but if by any mysterious chance you are serious about that i think you need professional help.. and not just for your ankle.. ;)

  23. tootaroot says:

    i keep fukin aggravating mine its been three goin on 4 football seasons

  24. bobby1688 says:

    anyone know what to do? my ankle hasnt healed and its been a whole year

  25. TheMrlexington says:

    Kristen… what a lovely name. It’s one of my favourite names for a girl. By the way, very informative and helpful video. I sprained my ankle earlier today.

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