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  1. Angelina says:

    you need to return to the doctor because if you aren’t feeling any relief then obviously your antiobiotic isn’t working and it could be something either resistent to the antibiotic prescribed to you or something more serious than can be treated by an antibiotic. You said you have a headache, any stiff neck along with that? Headache and joint pain along with a stiff neck is a big indicator of meningitis – seriously go back to the doctor.

  2. noel a says:

    i had the same symtom. i was diagnose with LUPUS. check with a rheumatologist.

  3. healer 2 says:

    CONTINUE antibiotics and take bed rest
    it is bacterial or viral infectoin

  4. pkd88 says:

    I would love to see this in a higher resolution, great info!

  5. RottenBrains71 says:

    I had a pubic symphysis diastasis of 4.8 cm while giving birth. It led to pelvic misalignment and severe SI joint pain. My physical therapist made me do these exercises and they helped a lot! Now that i have stopped going the pain is back and i think i should continue doing them myself.

  6. grzegorzchiropractic says:

    i think that this is the best therapy. Very good, please direct me some literature.

  7. grzegorzchiropractic says:

    i think that this is the best therapy. Very good, please direct me some literature.

  8. HARDCOREgoodrums says:

    Should you exercise or rest when you have this sort of problem ?

  9. jouk45 says:

    i bought the iyashi wand from iyashiwand.co.uk for my wife who has Rheumatoid Arthritis, the wand also helps relieve many other pains, i hope this helps anyone who suffers from this condition

  10. 2chibabyluvya says:

    thx! I needed that one.

  11. ptpoul says:

    Well the way he is instructed to train his quads will stretch his hams probably more effectively than classical stretching methods, so all in all it will work.

  12. fisioserv says:

    the problem with this patient seems to be a shorted hamstring possible imbalanced and all the adjustments done will need to be done again and again, so what he needs to do is stretch the hamstring and rethink his running regime (he shouldn’t be that tight) I agree with the quads strengthening but that was done in a compromised method, no way will it increase the man’s quads like that. otherwise good video, prosit

  13. malletgrl911 says:

    I love my chiropractors and they’ve been immensely helpful, but this exercise here has me feeling better than I have in years so thanks for taking the time to post it!

  14. CTmassagetherapy says:

    Liked the analogies and descriptions, and learned a few things. Controversial to disbelieve in spinal misalignment, although I agree about “slipped” discs, but not my area of expertise to comment on.

  15. willg35able1 says:

    Great video . very interesting .very informative!

  16. assyyyriaa says:

    SI joint dysfunction is ALWAYS on the other side than the pain. And usually the shorter legs side has SI joint dysfunction.

  17. 928outcast says:

    Great explanation!!!!!! I wish EITHER my back Doctor OR my Chiropractor took the time to tell me all this. They just like looking at me and taking my money. Injured my L5 disc 7 months ago, and no one tells me anything about how (or why) to treat it. I wish you were my Chiropractor! Going to start looking for new professionals to help me this New Year……… lots of shitty Doc’s out there.

  18. fragglesful says:

    brilliant! thank you for such an enlightening explanation =)

  19. pargreg56 says:

    @Garciamrcool I have been through this myself, and have the exact same adjustments done.
    It is not quackery. It works. Pain goes. Legs realign. But hey, thanks for your long informed input!!

  20. PureChiropractic says:

    Why would you think there can be an SI joint obliquity (mislaignment) but not a spinal misalignment?

  21. imajerus says:

    that stuff works wonders. i have one leg shorter than the other and had pain going down the back of my thigh. its been an ongoing thing since i was 16…now 26. now i am having radiating hip/thigh pain on the opposite side. i would literally limp in there, then leave feeling no pain at all after the adjustment and an ultrasound. time to go to the physical therapist.

  22. ferkinskin says:


  23. Tonyp68 says:

    I also stated that all those negative commenters seem to be or into newageyogiswamibullsh*t, or non physicians whatsoever, with a minimal account.
    I have been a butcher for 20 years, and know from pigs that SI joints have an irregular hooked form.
    These techniques cured a lot of people from pains where a common doctor said “i don’t see nothing, so here you have some painkillers to get hooked on here’s the bill”
    If you are not sure, let your pt see the vid, and comment it. (like i’m doing)

  24. Tonyp68 says:

    Now i see the physical therapist is called mr. Rob Jordan.
    In Holland this aquires 4 year academic education.

  25. Tonyp68 says:

    So the doctor treating me (he did a 6 year university study for it) is a quaker?
    For he did the same tests, and saved me from backpain without getting Jesus, Buddha, ghosts and tarotcards in, or wave with leaves and chickens.
    I do not know about mr. Symons qualifications, but with common sense i see he applies the same techniques that cured me.
    (always see a qualified physician with problems like this)

  26. Garciamrcool says:

    This is quackery.

  27. CodyAllenmusic says:

    @Grosser611 Chiropractors get doctorate degrees.

  28. CodyAllenmusic says:

    Great explanation of this adjustment, I am getting into chiropractic, thank you.

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