8 Responses to “What is causing my ankle pain?”

  1. Barrel of Knowledge says:

    It could be tendinitis, just as it could be plantar fascitis. Yes, it’s a consequence of having flat feet. If you wish to correct your feet, I can help. You’d just need to do certain exercises for a short period of time. If interested, email me k.sordo@gmail.com

  2. happyjoy says:

    You might be suffering from a bone spur. Bone spur pain is often most intense after long periods of rest from being on your feet. The reason for this is: As you move during the day, the nerves surrounding the spur adjust around the spur so that it is not digging into them. After long periods of rest, such as when sleeping, the nerves relax back into their normal position. Thus, when you get out of bed in the morning, pain can become intense as you are putting weight on your feet for the first time causing the spur to be pushed into the sensitive nerves and tissues. You can visit http://www.bonespur.com for more information.

  3. evissa says:

    oh dear you poor little lambkin… need a nice bag of frozen peas on that!

  4. thurrockdave (departed) says:


    Nice swelling – that’ll impress the girls … well it would if it was somewhere else! ;)

  5. Dancing star says:

    Oh my gosh, ouch!

  6. andrewp says:

    I don’t like lumpy legs. That looks painfrul. But more importantly is that a trendy habitat coffee table in the background?

  7. John Wardell (Netinho) says:

    Thanks all – the frozen food technique did nothing really. I still have an ankle like an old granny.

    Hi Andrew – It’s not Habitat – Ikea. The room is a mess because I couldn’t move. Just so you know, I don’t normally live in squalor.

  8. Lemon2 says:

    Good heavens, you got the Pendrick to leave a commnet!

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