24 Responses to “What is the cause of my top of foot pain?”

  1. I can haz cheezburger says:

    it could be because your tibialis anterior (and other muscles along your skin) is tight.
    try doing some simple stretches. try thses:

    if this doesnt help then i dotn know what to tell you

  2. snoball_200118 says:

    couple of things: sesamoiditis, mortons neuroma {pinched nerve in the foot}

    need to see a podiatrist though

  3. DJcrots says:

    i was just about to take u seriously untill i saw u call ur self ‘HOTyogadoctor’ lol. its ridicolous, ur nowhere near hot and ur insulting the real doctors by calling urself one..

  4. HotYogaDoctor says:

    @nancyflo Hi I ‘m wondering how much of your problem is about creating balance of strength between front + back sides of your body. Consider this: Walking is posture in motion. So I’m guessing that the way you hold your body has been affected by the change in your movements since your lumbar fusion. Would you be willing to ask yr questions online at the forum at hotyogadoctor? We can really get into details together.

  5. nancyflo says:

    since having a lumbar fusion i have great difficulty swinging my legs forward to effect proper heel strike so i shuffle on the balls of my feet. can u suggest any exercise to correct this? thanks!

  6. yogaisblack says:

    I really like how you teach me to walk properly – and improve my balance. I;m sure this would reduce the chances of spraining my ankle!

  7. bikramist says:

    This is a fantastic video; good, strong, practical advice.
    Everyone should watch it!

  8. yogasweat says:

    Just the high standard we come to expect from the HotYogaDoctor!

  9. The Couple Next Door says:

    It looks bad. I will pray that you heal and feel better soon!!

  10. Tabbi Kat -very busy just now! says:

    Oh dear! Poor Deb, hat looks painful! I hope you feel better soon!

  11. lewsviews says:

    You wern’t wareing flip-flops were you? I really hope you are all better soon!

  12. anjan58 says:

    painful to look at this!

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  13. A1sling says:

    Oh poor you. That looks painful!!

  14. karma (Karen) says:

    that looks so painful – amazing what our bodies do when exhausted

  15. Runner Jenny says:

    Argh. My feet look like that, but from running. Feel better soon. :)

  16. Trish Mayo says:

    Hope that gets better soon, looks painful. Try to keep the foot elevated as much as possible

  17. joesflickr says:

    I’m betting a lawyer may disagree with who to blame. ; )
    Hopefully you feel better soon!

  18. sunmoonstars2008 says:

    OUCH!! I have heard Crocs are slippery on wet surfaces!

  19. SandysArt says:

    Oh my goodness…be sure to take care Dear.

  20. mikedelaney0391 says:

    it makes me commiserate.

  21. hayshire says:

    Take care Deb! I hope things calm down for you and everything is ok. Prayers to your mom and family.

  22. BlaiseAllen says:

    Oh jeesh! Get it all over with at once! Hope you heal fast! zapping more chi your way…

  23. ash2276 says:

    Ouchie! Hope you’re feeling better!

  24. Stones 55 says:


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