25 Responses to “What kind of headache hurts more when you bend over?”

  1. gsaint77 says:

    can you do this standing up or you have to sit down to this also.

  2. ashena2000 says:

    @jazzinnature081-aww-I’m sorry you feel so terrible. I too suffer from migraines-I find facial self-massage helpful along with pressure points-and if you perform these movements without rapidity they can still be beneficial-neck stretches-anything you can do to increase circulation and blood flow to your head will help (in my experience).

  3. geoffreybaer says:

    @trinocordero they work even faster!

  4. trinocordero says:

    Do those movements really work? They seem so fast

  5. xcelerade says:

    lol thats funny its true when i saw the beginning i was like ok?? hahah
    but people are saying it works so i have nothing to loose haha

  6. coolselvan says:

    thank u and u can dance well

  7. aplayaz2000 says:

    sorta works

  8. freezingstill says:

    Talma, that’s great-is it still working for your migrains? I’m in a similar boat, I get them for 3 day streaches and I can’t leave my bed or move-my mig. medicine doesn’t help at all and my dr. told me I’m one of the unlucky in the population who just has to suffer-I hope this helps me as well.

  9. lukauskis says:

    shes is breathing with her chest right?

  10. jazzinnature081 says:

    Ok I’ll try it ’cause everybody here says it works. :0) But two observations: why is the instructor dancing around in the beginning/end of the vid like she’s in a britney spears video? seems inappropriate for YOGA!? And, it seems to me that when I am in THAT much pain (from a migraine), i can barely GET OUT OF BED! let alone sit there and shake my head & shoulders around like I’m in studio54! But, at this point, I’ll try anything!! lol

  11. HallwaysOfAlways says:

    go pentegopentegopendaaaa

  12. enigmaticfille says:

    This is a mudra, in any case this or any other meditative or yogic posture will increase body heat. If you don notice body heat will give you heat boils, indigestion and constipation. make sure to drink lots of water when practicing these and also cooling substances like coconut water/milk, buttermilk etc.

  13. xxwalkamongusxx says:

    you sound upset

  14. jodyhale33 says:

    tercel3a Is right watch the Video Touch every heart you can hear master Bhajan

  15. jenjenthegenie says:

    Had a horrible headache all day and a friend told me to try this clip. It worked wonders! I felt a wonderful heat in my neck and then in a few minutes my headache was gone. Good work Ana! Thank you.

  16. CatCommunication says:

    Tercel, I can see some truth to that, but at the same time, yoga can be very dangerous if you’re not doing it right, so there NEEDS to be some system in place for making sure that people who teach are qualified to do so.

    The same with paying for classes – you want to make sure that your teacher is able to dedicate a significant portion of their time to yoga, in order to teach you safely & correctly.

    We live in a world where everyone needs money in order to survive, unfortunately.

  17. adiwijay says:

    I’d been having migraine headache for years and taking headache when it’s unbearable. Since I tried this segment few weeks ago, I have not had any since.

  18. yemanna says:

    r3bol is a spinless

  19. yemanna says:

    Dwayne would break you in half loser

  20. r3bol says:

    Invest in the usage of periods, for they will make your words into comprehensible sentences.

  21. brilliantou says:


  22. Hulsie says:

    I love to watch Ana Brett.

  23. tercel3a says:

    yogi Bhajan said I am asking you a question do you serve others or do you serve your self if you serve others you will prosper we are all gods,love is the ultimate state of behavior where compassion per vales and kindness rules home is where for each lives for they each other and all live for god grow go be the light house the the answer not the question blessed thou how serve others regardless of there with out cost,creed or discrimination I was told It costs $4000 to learn to teach

  24. pectwita says:

    This really works for headaches. It is weird that she dyed her hair so black for the yoga vids.

  25. djsuperstar717 says:

    kundalini yoga is soooo goofy; this has nothing to do with spirituality

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