24 Responses to “What to take if Advil and Ibuprofen won’t relieve strep throat pain?”

  1. Dspringerable says:

    Great video! Other than the constraints on use of the full track, you’re performance was very good. One of my favorites of The Faint.

  2. teckdeckman27 says:

    good song

  3. Unimaginable0932 says:

    Very Creative, if only the whole song was used.

  4. CRSN16 says:

    My aunt taught the lead singer and drummer. I love The Faint.

  5. esunub says:


  6. mightystu49 says:

    I’m kinda torn. It’s a good video and I love the song, but you didn’t use the whole song, and mimes are not good. Like clowns. Not funny, not sad, I don’t know. Just boring. But good video.

  7. jpmgmpj says:

    This is extremely well done.

  8. superstarbeebotch says:

    love this song!!!

  9. Quagmyre0123 says:

    I bet i can make u scream.

  10. punkfish79 says:

    you put the sexy in mimes…

  11. xXJaeFaceXx says:

    XD!!! doritos and red bull ftw! how about red bull flavoured doritos?! do i hear a high five?! ohh wait no that was me beating my wife :)

  12. mejiamaster says:

    Thanks for the video :) just wish you had the whole song :|

  13. WetSole says:

    great stop motion

  14. rafedidit says:

    Great Vid, Great Mime Outfit! Could use more Doritos and Red Bull. Not the video, I could use more doritos and red bull.

  15. kobraski says:

    they had to cut it off thanks to a time limit on the project.

  16. garagebandkings says:

    where is the rest of the song?!

  17. FATEBOARDER says:

    i love this song heaps

  18. MasterHappy says:

    Holy crap, you really bring out the best in this song. Well done! Keep it up, you’re acting was superb.

  19. nitroglyceringirl says:

    You look like a bulemic Regina Spektor.

  20. kobraski says:

    no good telling me that, i didn’t make it… i’m the mime artist :P

  21. DarkoChan says:

    realluy, good, but u mite wanna work on cutting down some of the longer clips

  22. simis says:

    Oooh poor Todd, I hope you feel better soon!

  23. Nanna J says:

    I’m sure hoping it gives you some kind of relief along with the other stuff.
    you are being such a good sport!

  24. caryn74 says:

    Glad you have found something that is helping!

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