5 Responses to “What type of doctor do I need to see for shoulder pain?”

  1. health buff says:

    orthopaedic surgeon

    Don’t let ANYONE do physio or chiropractic manipulations on you without diagnostic tests done first!!!!!!!!!! If they do not know what’s wrong with your shoulder, they have no business initiating treatment. Doing so can make your problem worse, can delay getting the proper therapy, and can cost you a lot of money unnecessarily.

    Diagnostics can include x-rays, cat scan, MRI, ultrasound, manual palpation, putting you through a range of motion, questions about previous activities/sleeping positions, medical history, family medical history…

  2. Tycheon says:

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  3. mariamonica18 says:

    increible! felicitaciones :)

  4. ladianitaherrera says:

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  5. acendales says:

    Muy bien Mariano, siga asi!!!!

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