19 Responses to “Why does my ankle pain get better when I run?”

  1. InsertName125 says:

    I think it’s great that youtube is around to help people rant and rave against strangers they’ll never actually meet.

  2. lallie111e says:

    Just want to point out that squating in this way may put undue stress on the knee and I would not recomend this exercise for anyone whom already has a knee injury or suffers from any knee pain. Becareful out there! Online instruction is helpful yet, therapeutic exercises is safest and most effective with profesional guidance. At least in the begining. By the way there are many other ways to
    reduce ankle and foot pain, as well as to strengthen the joint, without taxing the knee. Best Wishes!!

  3. valfrost141 says:

    how come everyone has to sound fo effing rude on comments? relax, guys. jeez.

  4. 280az says:

    @kleutertjes thanks for being on my side its true this program is for beginners

  5. kleutertjes says:

    I’m on your side in this. Expert Village should be called Beginner Village so it attracts the proper crowd.

    One small point though. I don’t really think cuntlicker is a proper swear word in the west. I think you want to call this guy an ass muncher.

  6. 280az says:

    lol u make no sense , get lost jackass OWNED

  7. Hendoggystyle says:

    lol unintellectual? and your response to this video was from someone with intellect? lol either way, physically and mentally, you=owned.

  8. 280az says:

    typical response of the unintellectual individual bash the others to cover up their own flaws ,you dont sound like a grown up professional to me you sound like a teen with misdirected anger , your retarded you judge me without even knowing me , i have been training for 19 years you scumbag , i can do a pull up with 200lbs on me , i can bench press 260 lbs , i can hold the human flag for 20 secs , next time think before you talk kid , and stop lying about yourself , cuntlicker

  9. Hendoggystyle says:

    yo fucknuts, i train everyone from elite athletes to the elderly. lets put it this way chief, i would own you at ANY and EVERYTHING. once you grow up maybe you’ll realize what a fucking chump you really are. i clean the floor with bitches like you.

  10. 280az says:

    lol i dont care what older ppl do cause they r weak so this is hard for them but im talking about real hard exercises , ur probably one of those retaded so called professional trainers who doesnt know what a challenge exercise is , u would probably be telling ppl that 20 situps is enough adn only like 10 pushups , do u even know what the dragon flag is? the human flag? u probably cant do it , i can , r u even a pro ? , fuck off u sissy go learn some real stuff

  11. Hendoggystyle says:

    yo sissy, in defence of this instructor this type of stuff is perfect for older people. don’t criticize what you know nothing about tuff guy. and yes, i am a professional in the field.

  12. tommiesmallz says:

    it sounds like you tore some tendons, and that can be very dangerous, if that is the case your only option is surgery

  13. 280az says:

    this bitch only shows sissy exercises , watch calisthenics kingz hes the real best

  14. OutaiOokamiKonna says:

    I’m not going to say I’m an expert but I’ve had a similar type of injury and the swelling didn’t complete go for me either after a few months I decided to check out what it might be and with that type of injury it tends to be the tendons have been force out of place slightly and fluid gets in, I saw a phisio and got masage treatment etc etc and it’s gone down hope it helps again I’m not expert

  15. GQexpert says:

    ok so i rolled my ankle playing basket ball and it got really swollen and i went to the doctor and got xrays and no fracture.. thank god lol
    so now its been like 3 months and i can walk, jog, and even run with it but for some reason some of the swelling didn’t go away.
    it still hurts if i put a little pressure right on the ankle….. but what would be the reason for the swelling, and what can i do to get rid of it without hurting it?
    i need your insight!! :)

  16. 23BarMitzvah says:


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  18. rstaff3 says:

    I’m prone to ankle twists too. You were smart to go in. I was too macho to go the last time and my ankle wasn’t right for years.

  19. Sascha Grant says:

    I did my right ankle the first time about 15 years ago and has always given me pain. My right has been weak and did it a 2nd time 3 months ago – I chipped the bone that time. I was sure I would have done more damage to my left this time as the bruising was much worse, but thankfully not :)

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