14 Responses to “Will Sciatica pain go away on its own?”

  1. metriks07 says:

    Very informative video.
    Metriks’ FCE software allows the healthcare professional to objectively quantify and report on a person’s functional abilities.

  2. vegaspcnerd says:

    @missg2228 LOL!

  3. swampzoid says:

    I hope this works for me.
    My left leg hurts so terribly especially in the bottom of the heel of my foot.

  4. nvy858 says:

    @EuroPhantom22 AN DEUCHEBAG? Learn some rules of the English language please.

  5. EuroPhantom22 says:

    By the way great video Doc

  6. EuroPhantom22 says:

    @hardrocker1117 Different Anatomy Books Have Different Interpretations and Locations, and you are an deuchebag idiot who is trying to learn from youtube, so you check what ppl say and compare it to your notes, really clever on trying to sound smarter than a monkeys ass

  7. MrBillu1954 says:

    We want chines food

  8. hardrocker1117 says:

    I’m a first year DPT student and I have to call you out on your incorrect anatomy. The sciatic nerve comes from the fourth and fifth lumbar spinal nerves as well as the first, second, and third sacral spinal nerves. In respect of accuracy, I suggest this video is removed and possibly redone.

  9. emosexy1 says:

    Thanks for this vid. My mom has been having pains in her sciatic for a while, Mayb this will help. Thanks a bunches!

  10. maddenptofficial says:

    Physical therapy is important in improving neurological and physical disabilities

  11. missg2228 says:

    yes i also like your vids but you need to take off your shirt…<3 papi chulo!

  12. wardogg531 says:

    @CONSTRINGACY Leave the guy alone.. Those pants are PRIME for pocket pool. Left ball, corner pocket.

  13. CONSTRINGACY says:

    I like your vids you should make more!!!Also take your hands out of your pockets!XD

  14. rob.brown27 says:

    Welcome to the other side.

    And happy to see you’ve found other ways to keep the family in good heath,.. now that you’ve lost that great heath health coverage. ;>

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